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Are you searching for the solution to your fitness goals?

Give Fitness Equation a few hours a week and we will get you in a program the will torch fat, tone muscle, help you lose inches and get in the best shape of your life!

Hello and Welcome to Fitness Equation,

Are you ready to experience the evolution of fitness by participating in bootcamp at Fitness Equation?  By visiting this website you are considering taking on the challenge of the best workout you have ever had.  At Fitness Equation we are dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals and achieving an elite level of strength & fitness.  Our Bootcamp Class is second to none in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts.  We know that you will have the fitness experience you have been looking for or never knew existed.

Before your read any further here is a short video showing a sneak peak into our one hour fitness Bootcamp Classes.  Enjoy!



Most people exercise for any number of reasons.  It could be to lose weight, tone muscles, feel more energized, gain strength, lose the gut, tighten the tummy, etc.  But, a majority of individuals go about training inappropriately or do not achieve the required level of intensity to get the results they desire.  At Fitness Equation we have the program that will help you achieve any goal from any fitness level.  I know that sounds ridiculous.  But, it has to do with each person’s metabolism and working at the proper level.  Our system of training allows for a person to gain strength to work right along with the person looking to burn fat.  How do we do this?  It is all based off of exercise intensity and volume.  Our secret is to use our expertise to have you perform exercises at the right level of intensity that will get you maximum results.  But, don’t take it from us.  Here is what one of our clients said about our class:

“Fitness Equation’s Bootcamp will push your body to the limit.  I have lost almost 20 lbs and several inches and feel stronger than I’ve ever felt before.” 

-Mike from Valley Falls, RI




Fitness Equation is located inside the Athletes Equation Training Center

in Cumberland, RI.  Located directly off 295, exit 11, in the Diamond Hill Industrial Park.  Bootcamp times are:

6 am, 10 am, 5:30 pm, 6:30 pm, and 7:30 pm.*

*Class sizes are limited to ensure a quality environment for people of all workout levels, please be sure to register prior to class time.

Still not convinced? Here is what another of our members says about our program:

“I am the classic middle-aged, overworked, under-exercised working woman.  Wouldn’t know what to do in a gym if my life depended on it!  Since I have been working with the Fitness Equation Staff I cannot believe the difference in my flexibility, strength, and conditioning.  I do three bootcamp classes a week and the times are flexible and the camaraderie with the other members and instructors is terrific.  Non-Threatening, non-testosterone environment.  But, very effective workouts.”

–Roberta from Cumberland, RI



Bootcamp Class is a non-threatening supportive environment that allows and encourages anyone to get outside their fitness comfort zone and train to achieve the result they have always wanted.

  • Increased metabolism

  • Incinerate fat to drop clothes size

  • Improved strength & muscle tonin

  • Lose the gut or have that flat tight tummy

  • Feel energized throughout the day


The Fitness Equation Bootcamp provides to you the fitness class that will replace all those boring old ineffective workouts.  Once you try it you will see the difference in how you look and feel!


Our Bootcamp class follows a format that is designed to gear you up for an intense workout and then deliver the most effective training plan to target your goal.  Think of it as group personal training.  Our coaches are very skilled in Exercise Science and are nationally certified.  Our bootcamp session lasts one hour but the benefits last much longer.  A typical one hour session on a treadmill will burn anywhere from 400-1000 calories but once you stop so does the calorie burn.  Our bootcamp is designed from scientific research to utilize EPOC or Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption.  Basically an afterburn that will get your metabolism to burn extra calories at a higher rate while you’re not working out!  Our bootcamp burns the same amount of calories as a typical treadmill workout but the afterburn is where the results happen.  Think of it this way, if you workout 1 hour a day on a treadmill you will only burn calories at a higher rate for about 4% of your day.  Our bootcamp class will get you burning calories at a higher rate for 100% of your day or 24 hours a day.  Research shows that Metabolic Strength & Conditioning Training can raise an individual’s metabolism for up to 24 to 72 hours after a workout!  That is increase metabolism for 1 to 3 days.  Say good bye to that daily treadmill ritual.

  Class structure 10-12 minute dynamic warm up to improve movement, balance, and coordination.  Prepares the body for the intensity of the workout 5-10 minute core and mobility training to turn your core into a pillar of iron, tighten the stomach and improve mobility at the shoulders and hips

25-30 minute Metabolic Strength & Conditioning workout designed to strengthen, tone and burn fat like no other workout you have tried. 10 minutes of Conditioning to tap into that post workout afterburn even more.  This is where we really get creative and as hard as it is this is where our bootcampers have the most fun.  Our motto:  If we have it in the gym, you will use it!    We look forward to seeing you and getting you working towards your fitness goals.


Jason Price


Fitness Equation/Athletes Equation