A Guide To The Best Diet Shakes Available Right Now

The thing with weight loss is that it just does not come easy. People decide to shed weight but are unable to keep a control on diet and fail to be loyal to the exercise plans they set. Are diet shakes the answer to lose weight fast and effectively without putting too much reliance on food and exercise? Perhaps it is.

A lot of top nutritionists stress on following a low – fat diet and consuming a lot of fruits and vegetables to lose weight but this process does not really work for everyone. As a result, diet shakes and liquid meals are recommended as an alternative. There has been excessive debate by other researchers who argue that losing weight using whole foods help to maintain it in the long run. It provides greater control over the diet and more balance of nutrients.

But, it has now been validated that diet shakes are as effective, in some cases, even more effective than conventional diet charts to reduce weight. These shakes are instrumental to kick – start the endeavor to lose weight and helps keep a tighter hold on the calories.

Obviously, not any diet shake could work its magic. It is recommended to consult an experienced nutrition or read detailed guides to know which diet shake works best for the body. Also, it is essential to determine the limit for calorie intakes while undergoing the consumption of diet shakes. Also, inclusion of exercise is definitely encouraged.

Here are some of the best diet shakes currently popular in the market:

  • MyProtein Impact Diet Whey

This shake is power packed with 35 grams of protein in every serving. It is extremely easy and compact to use and is extremely effective in removing all the carbs and fats. The addition of Green Tea Extract, Inulin and CLA adds to its contribution in enhancing the muscle mass in the body.

It is super convenient as it can be enjoyed at any time during the day. Also the shake is available in a variety of delicious flavors ranging from Chocolate to Cookies and cream.

  • Phd Diet Whey

Phd Diet Whey contains triple sources of protein in the form of whey protein, milk protein and soy proteins. In addition to the power packed protein source, the diet powder also uses barley flour which is an innovative and highly effective carbohydrate source. The powder contains 91 calories for every 25 grams of serving and thus supports a calorie reduction plan excellently. It is available in a wide variety of flavors and can be consumed during any time of the day.

  • Reflex Diet Protein

Reflex Diet Protein is one of the best diet shakes available in the market today. They have used latest researches in protein consumption and weight loss formulation to come up with a product that aids to build a toned and healthy body.

The protein powder contains a unique mixture of whey protein and micellar casein. It keeps appetite in control, and boosts the levels of antioxidants in the body. The protein shake is available in a plethora of flavors and can be consumed at any point during the day.

  • USN Diet Fuel

The USN Diet fuel is a meal on its own with its high protein and fiber content. Apart from providing a means to control diet, it ensures that the correct nutrients go into the body. A 55 grams of USN Diet Fuel serving contains 25 grams of protein and the fat content is just 2 grams. Also, it stands out from other diet shakes due to its high fibre content which is an essential ingredient to lose weight.

  • LA Muscle Slim Whey

Slim Whey is a power packed diet shake containing an enormous 50 grams of protein in every serving. Also, it contains researched and proven ingredients like the Green Tea, Chromium and L-Carnitine which are highly effective in burning fat.

The results of consuming LA Muscle Slim Whey can be seen in as close as three days. The mixture contains 18 Amino Acids and a high Potassium to Sodium Ratio which will ensure the absence of any water retention. If one is looking for fast results, replace 1 – 2 meals with this powder.

  • Winner Maximuscle Promax Diet

The strengthening powder contains 25 grams of Protein and a considerable fiber content to supplement the daily diet. It is an essential intake for individuals looking to develop more muscle content in the body. This product is increasingly used by professional athletes and fitness greats. Alongside, it contains negligible sugar and fat content and the caffeine present in it helps improve focus and concentration.

On the whole, diet shakes are extremely effective in boosting up the weight loss process on the go. But, it is essential to supplement it with a good exercise and diet regimes for maximum results.


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